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Cape Coral Property Management
Program 3 - 5

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Cape Coral Property Management Program 3-5:

This program is for our customers who use their home only for a few weeks a year by themselvers (not more than 6 weeks). The rest of the year they rent it out as a vacation home. The difference between program 3-5 is the amount of the basic fee.

Program Basic Fee Commission of rental income
3 175,00 $ 10%
4 125,00 $ 15%
5 100,00 $ 20%

For example: program 4 has a monthly fee of 125,00$ and we charge 15% of the rental income.

Following service is  included in our Cape Coral property management programs 3-5:

  • Advertising in USA and Europe

  • Rental contracts approved by an attorney

  • Quality control and cost efficient Cape Coral property management

  • Biweekly inspection of property

  • Timely and cost efficient repair of necessary maintenance

  • Current information concerning your property sent in timely manner

  • Managing payments concerning your property

  • Collect and managing security deposits

  • Quaterly account statement with your rental check

  • Check your mailbox biweekly

  • Check in/out of the tenant to your house (AC, pool, phone, etc)

  • Taking digital pictures of your vacation home for ads

  • Design a special webpage for your property on our web page

  • Advertising your property on the local, regional and European market

  • Collecting tourist tax, sales tax and manage these tax returns

  • Take care of all belongs of the tenants

Special service with a separate fee on a hourly basis:

  • Photo or Videoservice about your property

  • Getting quotes for repairs (more than 200 $) and checking the work

For more information or signing a contract please contact our office.

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