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Cape Coral Property Management Program 1

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Cape Coral Property Management Program 1:

This program is for our customers, who don't want to rent their property. They only use their home by themselves. Most of this owners use the house 6 month during the winter time and leave it vacant in the summer time. The price for the property management depends on the service Florida Sun Group Inc. has to provide. Especially in the time the owner uses his house by himself. The price for the Cape Coral property management is in a range of 125 $ - 250 $ a month.

Following service is included in our Cape Coral property management  program 1:

  • Quality control and cost efficient Cape Coral property management

  • Biweekly inspection of property

  • Timely and cost efficient repair of necessary maintenance

  • Current information concerning your property sent in timely manner

  • Managing payments concerning your property

  • Check your mailbox biweekly

  • Special conditions on selling the property

Special service with a separate fee on a hourly basis:

  • Photo or Videoservice about your property

  • Getting quotes for repairs (more than 200 $) and checking the work

Florida Sun Group can manage all these things for your property in the way to get the best return of your investment. We take care to maintain or even to improve the value of your property.

For more information or signing a contract please contact our office.

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